Happiness scares me


Have you ever been so happy that it scares you?

It makes you happier each day yet it scares you because the more you feel happy the more you open yourself to pain.
Yes, you can live without it but right now it makes you feel alive and your hope is it won’t end.

Be brave and stay in the present because THAT IS LIFE.

The past reminds us of pain; the future scares us; But the NOW gives so much joy. Focus on that and worry less. 😊😊😊disfrutalo mientras dure,  nada es para siempre
(Enjoy it while it lasts, nothing is forever). #vivirelmomento


Illusory Love

I am in love.

And I learned how to put my feelings in a constructive way. I guess being in love does not need to be there with the person. Sometimes, it is not also about physical boundary or whatnot. It is what the other person does to you. It is how he helps you be you, be better and be pushed to be the best person that you can become. It should be that way.

It should never be destructive. It should be hopeful that something great is yet to come.

It should always be with the readiness to detach anytime.

Lastly, it should help you pick up the pieces of yourself and attach them together to be you,  alone but complete.

That kind of love, so rare to be felt. I hope it would not end soon.

I’ll enjoy it till it lasts.

I feel better now.

Types of Women

1. Women who want to get a rich guy to save them from poverty. GOLDDIGGERS
2. Dependent women on men who love them very much. USERS.
3. Women who got broken hearted and learned to be independent. MANHATERS.
4. Just independent coz ugly. NO BOYFRIEND SINCE BIRTH.
5. Beautiful and independent. CHOOSY BITCHES
6. Waiting for one true love. THE VIRGINS.
7. Belief that their true love is taken. HOMEWRECKERS.
8. Strong women Men cant handle AMAZONAs
9. Fighting over an ass guy. THE PATHETICS.
10. We dont care, we have a kid. THE PROCREATORs


I had a dream.

I locked myself inside the bathroom.

I was scared of the monster running after me.

Then I woke up.

I am sad today.

I am doubtful.

I fear that the process I am in right now will lead to nothing.

I am paranoid of what others think of what I do.

I am anxious of how I feel about myself.


I carry on despite uncertainties.

I strive even if the other end seems unclear.

I still do what I am supposed to do.


I pursue no matter what.

I will stay strong even if I have no ally.

I will thrive and make them see.