Travel: Tagaytay, Intramuros, Matabungkay (Batangas) , and Anawangin (Zambales)

I’m so excited for my next domestic gala! Since I’ve canceled Baler and Fortune Island last May, I hope everything goes well and typhoon wouldn’t cancel flight this October.

For now, I just remembered places I’ve been to last summer.

Just wanna have a glimpse…

1. Tagaytay (02.07.2015)– Been here twice this year.

Places I’ve visited?

Sky Ranch- Di ko pa rin matanggap! Ferris wheel ride was too expensive! Ang alam ko 180 or 200 php for just one ikot?

tagaytay_02072015 tagaytay__02072015

Josephine’s Restaurant – The 400 php buffet price is worthy. hhmmm.. Fresh food indeed were yummy!

Tagaytay Part 2 (05.25.2015)

Since I failed to take photo of Taal last February, I took this shot.


Eway’s – Food served was not fresh. 😦 Bulalo was not too hot. I didn’t enjoy the food.

(would try to update pictures soon…)

Bag of Beans – I set a real high standard for this restaurant because the name itself sounds interesting. I am a fan of coffee but Bag of Beans disappointed me.

I ordered cold, they served it hot. I asked them to change it. So, they just put ice and served it again. SIGH! Mabait kasi ako customer. I don’t get mad and complain but I never come back after  a bad experience. However, this restaurant deserves a second chance, I hope it won’t disappoint me again.

Mabuti na lang these pastries were indeed good!

bag of beans

So, giving second chances though wouldn’t harm.

2. Matabungkay, Batangas (05.23.2015) -Ugly place with all the trash floating. Sigh! Sayang talaga environment.

I have scars now because of the irritation from water. 😦 It was a pinush lang na lakad since our mom wanted to go near the sea.


Madumi man sa Matabungkay, nakahanap naman ako ng pag-ibig.

It was one of the toughest months for me and a lot of hugots have been spontaneously lingering on mind. Lol.

Hindi nakaligtas sa hugot ko ang Matabungkay.

3. Intramuros (05.17.2015) – considered not a real gala too! My mom was hospitalized and it’s near intramuros so I grabbed the chance to walk around the area to destress.

intramuros_05172015So I felt like walking sa Spanish period. Plus, it was until June that we have to go near the area. So, I witnessed the costumes, traffic and crowded people because of the commemoration of Independence day.

Solitude is not the absence of Love but it’s complement. -Paulo Coelho

Nang mapa-emote sa gitna ng dalawang kalsada na ang tinutumbok nama’y iisang lugar na dapat patunguhan.

4. Anawangin (04.25.2015-04.26.2015)

Anawangin is lovely! Really! It’s a tranquil place. Although, I have to be a cowgirl since it’s remote area which means no electricity.


Remembrance. 04.25-26.15. Sa isla ng anawangin sa may zambales.

It was an adventure indeed. But, a real danger. Why? We slept in a remote area what if there’s a life-threatening situation? I guess, people who go here should have knowledge in survival like what if I was bitten by a poisonous snake or sea creature? All I have during that time was an antihistamine. Just in case, one of us might suffer from an allergic reaction. Plus the basic first aid! Haha!


Ang bagong mukha ng selfie. putik, buhangin at tubig sa paa’y ramdam.

The cost of our travel is only 1599 (DLC Travel and Tour) food excluded. So, we cooked our own food, I mean, my friends cooked our food.

I also brought Soju since my friends wanted to try and had it with plum juice.

BY THE WAY: Whenever you have nature tripping please let us do the operation PULOT KALAT! Lol! I do this talaga. I know it’s not a big help but come to think of it? What if all people in anawangin and matabungkay care to gather all the trash and to never ruin the environment? It’s a great help. Sayang naman kasi Pilipinas. 😦


Travel: Puerto Galera (Sabang and White Beach Resort)

FIRST TRAVEL (02.28.14-03.01.14)!

It’s my first ever travel so I need to document and save the memories. 🙂

Seashore Beach Resort, Sabang, Puerto Galera, Occidental Mindoro

Seashore Beach Resort, Sabang, Puerto Galera, Occidental Mindoro

Accommodation: Just the room for 2 days and a night costs 2200 pesos. 🙂 price talaga yung memorable. It was an “okay” place for me. I really want my first travel to be really memorable but I didn’t get the chance to book in a more expensive hotel wherein I can really pamper myself (ambisyosa ko eh kahit wala ng budget!).

But I guess the room justifies the price. The place was cozy and quiet. 🙂 Yehey!



Friday’s Puerto Galera

My friend and I rented a boat (1000 pesos) and had to stop here because we will be transferring to a smaller boat. I guess, not everyone had the chance to go here because the resort is still under construction.

What I like?

Gusto ko yung sand parang pulbos as in! OA lang ako kasi nga first travel ko but it’s really serene. Parang harana ung hampas ng dagat sa lugar na ito.

Dinner at Papa Fred’s Steakhouse Restaurant


Papa Fred’s Steakhouse Restaurant Norwegian grilled Salmon Steak: 495 Php Imported salmon steak, served with lemon wedge and rice

Had dinner at Papa Fred’s Steakhouse Restaurant. The place was perfect except for the waitress who acted like she’s the customer.

She said to one of the customers???

Dito po kayo umupo kasi po pinupuno po dito pero kung mapilit kayo sige duon na lang po.”

She should not have acted that way and to think pricey kumain dun sa Papa Fred’s. You have to spend at least a thousand  for just a meal tapos ganun siya? Sabi ko na lang, “Hala, si ate may pinagdaraanan.” Yeah! I believe, our behavior changes because of things that are going on in our lives.

Hagdan Patungo kay Papa Fred's.

Hagdan Patungo kay                        Papa Fred’s.

Anyway, I really enjoyed having dinner here. The ambiance was superb because I was able to chew my food well and I love the banana mango shake. Yeah! I like ordering usual food in different places. Gusto ko bumalik dun ngayon na just to eat. 🙂

BananaMango Shake! :)

BananaMango Shake! 🙂

11005910_10202532722919127_529763005_n (1)

Potato soup yata toh?



Next: We literally owned The Garden of Eden. Why? Since, it’s not peak season, we’re the only customers and had the privilege to sit on the VIP couch/sofa. Tried Garden of Eden drink (rum, sprite, lime juice, and fruits). As much as I want to really drink some more.. Sigh! End of story.

Garden of Eden, Sabang Puerto Galera

Garden of Eden, Sabang Puerto Galera


Since Sabang is really not a place for beach bumming we tried to experience White Beach Resort before going home. Going to White Beach Resort from Sabang costs 350 pesos. Nag tricycle kami para naman may land travel din.

Hmmmm, if you really want to be with the sea, I guess White Beach is perfect plus everything is very affordable here. Para ka na lang din nasa Manila. Kasi naman, yung food eh puro SILOG. We decided to have our breakfast here instead of eating at Sabang because we want to at least also experience White Beach; however, I should have had breakfast in Sabang instead. 🙂

The good thing here is that there’s a lot of activities that can be done with families or groups. Also, it’s like having a picnic in the seashore. The place is very refreshing and all the pasalubong stuff can be found here. 🙂


White Beach Resort, Puerto Galera

Picnic sa White Beach Resort

Picnic sa White Beach Resort