Movie: Beauty and The Bestie

Not sure if the following lines are correct. Haha! Jot them down while watching the movie. ūüôā I’m not also sure as to how to properly give credits to the owner of the pictures so I just put the link.

Grabe naman hinabol natin mula Farview hanggang Balintawak papakawalan mo lang?

Huwag mo naman idamay mga customers sa ka-bitteran mo!

May lumalayas ba na nagpapaalam? Eh nagugutom ako eh

Nae nae hindi ko na po makikita si nanay.

Pakialamanan mo na lahat wag tong mga tigyawat ko. Lahat nga mga naging lalaki ko iniwanan ako. Pero itong mga tigyawat ko, they choose to stay. May forever.

Eric may kailangan ako sayo.
Kailangan mo ko? Ganun ganun lang?

Meron akong top secret mission at kailangan kita.

Ang panget nito ah?

Kaya nga kamukha mo eh.

“Ang tagal ko ng hinintay dumating tong karma mo. Natraffic lang pala.”

Walang iwanan bestfriend eh.

Paano ka hindi hihingalin ang ikli ng lakad mo.

Andito ko para palambutin puso mo.

Eh ano ba pwedeng magpapayag sayo?

“Pasalamat ka malilit ako kung di, di ako magkakasya dyan sa puso mo”. – Emman (Coco Martin)

Oh diba nga wla tayo iwanan?

Kahit ang sakit sakit na kumapit pa rin ako. РEric (Vice Ganda)

Okay, let’s go to the lab. Love agad?

Mamili ka mamahalin mo ko o mamahalin kita? -Tristan (James Reid)

Sakim ako eh. Pwede both?-Abi (Nadine Lustre)

Gutom na ko eh! Baka nga kainin na kita.

Tayong dalawa na mag develop.

Ayan na lumalabas na ung bird mo ang laki pala.
Pano kung yung pag-ibig mo parang magic sa ending may daya pala?

Ang pag-ibig hindi prang experiment yan hindi laging may I therefore conclude.




Project Kapiranggot: Progress Requires Time

The saying, “The beginning is always the hardest” is not applicable to me.¬†Losing 17 pounds in 3 months’ time was NEVER EASY.


Here are some of the few things that I did for the past 3 months. All require Dedication to the following:

1. Healthy Diet. SWEAR NO FAST FOOD FOR 3 MONTHS. I do prepare my own food. One word would summarize my diet: S-T-E-A-M-E-D.

2. Exercise/Work Out. ¬†I do exercise 5 times a week. MW for ABS and Legs (the workout for the legs has been a problem to me, I usually hate doing it. That’s why I’ll be focusing the next 3 months to exercise lower body). TTH for upper body workout that includes the chest and back. On Fridays, I do TBW (total body workout). Usually, I exercise for 30 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. It would depend on the day and to the kind of workout that I’ll be doing.

3. Having Patience. First, set goals but never be tired when you see no result. I got frustrated during the first month but I still continued and I am now enjoying the improvement.

4. Goals are important. Exercise 5 times a week for 3 months using the same workout routine that I personally created. One advised I got from the internet is to have a¬†SCHEDULE. It is a great help.¬†What I do is, if I have to skip today’s workout, I simply do the schedule for the next day. If you do not have a schedule, the tendency is to not just skip workout but to totally drop it. At least, if you have schedule, you’ll ¬†be reminded¬†about your agenda.

It’s all about¬†DEDICATION.¬†You must be committed to do it.

As I’ve said, I’ve lost 17 pound already but I am still dissatisfied with the result. Flabby arms, bloated stomach and cellulites on my legs are still a BIG ISSUE.

However, I should commend myself for a job well done. But this would  also serve as a warning that I SHOULD NOT STOP.

Sometimes, when the road gets rough we stray from the path and luxuriously does things that would never help us in the first place.

Fitness is a continuous LIFETIME process…

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