Movie: Big Hero 6

True, Life sometimes brings us to a place that we never thought we would be.

big hero 6

We didn’t send out to be superheroes. But sometimes life doesn’t go the way you plan.

useless empty brain

Nothing, no ideas, useless empty brain.

shake things up

Shake things up. Use that big brain of yours to think your way out. -Tadashi

When are you gonna start doing something with that big brain of yours?

Look for a new angle. -Tadashi

Well, if you like things easy then my program isn’t for you. We push the boundaries of robotics here.


If you can think it, the microbots can do it. The only limit is your imagination. – Hiro

We’re just us.
No you can be way more.


It is alright to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain. -Baymax

People keep on saying, he’s not really gone. – Hiro

Always wait 1 hour after eating before swimming. Baymax

I don’t know how flying can make me a better health care provider. -Baymax

laboratory 1

Tadashi: Scan me.

Baymax: Your neurotransmitter levels are elevated. This indicates that you are happy.

Tadashi: I am. I really am.

The good thing is my brother wanted to help a lot of people and that’s what we’re gonna do. -Hiro

Yakap na May Malisya

Nanuod ako ng Big Hero 6 at ito ang naisip ko.

there there

Baymax, Yakapin Mo Ako

Kapag niyakap ka ng kaibigan mo habang may matinding pinagdaraan sa buhay sobrang sarap nun sa pakiramdam. Kasi alam mo na may mga taong lagi lang nandyan para sayo. Kaso, walang special effect, kung baga sa siopao, mas lasa ang mantau hindi ang laman.

Siguro, sadyang may mga yakap lang na gustong-gusto mo. Yung may kaakibat na napakaraming malisya, kilig at kalandian. Kasi damang-dama mo, may special feelings kung baga sa siopao, pinaghalong asado’t bola-bola na.
Ang masaklap lang kahit jumbo siopao pa yan, nilagyan mo pa ng special sauce at hot sauce, kahit gaano katagal at unti-unti mong namnamin, mauubos at mauubos. Ganun naman yata lahat ng sarap, ang tindi sa una pero habang patagal na ng patagal, nauubos. Kung baga sa load, hindi laging unlimited. At minsan susukuan mo na lang kasi nakakaumay.

Ayos lang naman kung may expiration date. Hindi na yun mahalaga. Ang importante nayakap ka sa panahong matindi ang pangangailangan mo. Umalis man, naiwan naman amoy, ayos na rin. Maubos man amoy, may ala-ala pa naman.

Forever Nganga! Anak ng Tokwa

Ayoko naman mag expect eh pero napakahirap nun gawin lalu na pag mabuti ka sa tao, kasi siyempre aasa ka na in a way ibabalik niya sa iyo hindi man lahat pero kahit konti lang sa kabutihang binigay mo. Katarantaduhan na solid na solid ang paniniwala ng isang tao sa “Love without expectations” na yan. Kasi di ka  tao, if di ka umasa. Pero siyempre, pinipilit mo na maging banal at sundin ang makalangit na paniniwala.

Hindi lang naman yan sa tao o sa pag-big pero sa napakaraming bagay; ang sarap kasing umasa. Nakaka-adik, na minsan punyemas na lang ang masasabi mo dahil walang nangyari,

Puro ka-asa, puro naman siya paasa wala naman palang papatunguhan.

We always expect for positive results and assumed that everything is in our favor but in reality, nga-nga ka talaga. Kaya yung feelings mo puro status na lang sa facebook. At least sa facebook may mag-la-like. At least, di ka man gusto ng gusto mo, may naglike naman ng status mo.

Tang-ina! Minsan may mga bagay na gustong-gusto mo ng hingiin sa isang tao, kaso magmumukha ka lang tanga. May mga bagay kasi na sadyang di pwedeng ipilit.

May mga bagay na dapat ay kusang loob lang na ibinibigay sayo at kung minsan pa nga, sa kakapilit mo lalo lang nawawala sa’yo. Minsan, di pa sayo nawala na.

Mahirap mag-antay at umasa pero minsan mas pinipili na lang natin na mag-antay pa rin at least kasi nabibigyan tayo ng pag-asa na papanig rin ang mundo sa atin, di man ngayon, malay mo bukas.

Perks of Being a Tutor

I had a conversation with my student because he bought a new place for himself. He’s a year younger than me but he’s very successful in his career. He usually inspires me and always has something good to say.

Rhen: I really want to own one but I really don’t know how. I think my salary wouldn’t suffice.

Jooyong: You are diligent and you will save a lot of money for a new house. I believe…

Rhen: Thank you very much Jooyong, I’m really somewhat devastated about that. 

Jooyong: You are really teaching me hard and I really appreciate that and you deserve it.

I love my jobs. Yeah! I have been working really hard. I have a part time and a full time job and there are weekends that I spend at work. Sad to say, being a tutor is not a lucrative job. Even if I spend the whole day working, I still wont be able to really have the kind of life that I want with the kind of job that I have.

Someone said I’m resourceful so let’s just see what’s gonna happen. We don’t know what lies ahead. 🙂 I’ll just maximize whatever I have right now.

I would find a way to be able to reach my goals.

What I Love About Being Single

I never realized that after all the heartaches comes happiness. I find joy in being alone for I have so much time for myself. I enjoy the countless swimming lapses and the newly introduced activity which is running that I am currently starting to become addicted to.

I have no plans for weekends and there’s a lot of room for instantaneous activities. It’s quite surprising that being alone makes me try things I never thought I would. I don’t know but I never wanted to hit the gym before but look at me now trying to prioritize the treadmill in my schedule.

Also, I tend to become more productive wherein fact it’s really difficult to adjust the time for I have 2 jobs and I have plans to study again this year.

Time seems to be an enemy nowadays. However, it’s a matter of managing your time.

I have more time for friends and family and also lots of fun time to travel.

I’m excited doing thing alone and most of my friends keep on telling me that I should just enjoy the moment so that I won’t regret someday that I missed this part. 🙂

I love the NOW. 🙂

Lastly, the very reason why I’m in this phase right now is I want to love again. True, love like you’ve never been hurt. But in order to do such, I have to enjoy the precious “Me Time.” Yehey!