Starbucks Coffee Festival


Starbucks Philippines conducted its first ever one of a kind Coffee Festival. It’s an informative exhibit that talks about coffee. As far as I can remember there are four stations.


I and the Hashtag!


The first station talks about the history of coffee.

A goat accidentally ate coffee berries and its keeper, Kaldi, noticed that it became hyperactive and energetic. Then after quite sometime, it has been used by monks to keep themselves awake during long prayers.

12939630_10206107407225152_1012899429_n (1).jpg


This one’s quite interesting!

The barista said that there are 26 species of coffee. She only talked about 2 main types, the Arabica and Robusta. IT’S ONLY ARABICA that Starbucks uses because it has the highest quality. While, Robusta are usually used in instant coffee.


Arabic and Robusta can be differentiated by color

Another interesting fact is knowing that it’s only 10% of coffee cherries that is processed to become coffee. Based on what I can remember, the coffee bean is only 10% of the coffee cherry.

12495128_10209040991844545_414222327477669318_n (1)



THIRD STATION: Where Do coffee come from?

Latin America. The nutty and cocoa flavors are definitely from this place.

Africa.  If you want the berries and citrus flavor, Africa is the place. Also it’s the place of coffee with strongest aroma.

Asia Pacific. Coffee of our own. Earthly and herb. Bold and assertive. 🙂

FOURTH STATION: Roast Spectrum

So, they have 3. Blonde RoastMedium Roast. and Dark Roast.

12494862_10209040990164503_7729397886597588421_n (1)

All I can say is, the milder the roast, the more aromatic the coffee bean is. 🙂

LOL! Seriously, what I learned in this station is that the caffeine content is not based on the roast.

12932996_10209040993484586_4840853765021075269_n (1)

Just a glimpse of the different aromatic coffee beans!

There was also coffee art, brewing, and other demonstration.


and arts that can’t be touched!




Lastly, I was appreciated. 🙂


Project Kapiranggot: Macronutrients

July of last year, I counted my calorie intake, regardless of the macronutrient content.  I was successful in losing weight until last week that I felt the need to change my diet if I really want to see progress.

A fitness enthusiast friend told me a month ago that I should focus on fat loss NOT weight loss. So, I researched and  came across different websites on how to lose fats.

To begin fat loss journey, I should count not only calories but also the macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein and fats). I’m still figuring out the best percentage distribution for me. Experimenting on food and gradually transitioning to be on a 1200 caloric diet and 40%-30%-30% ratio. Some websites says that it should be 40% protein/carbs, 30% protein/carbs and 30% fats. Other websites state different percentage.

I’m still in the process of getting to know how this diet works.

So what have I learned so far?

  1. Limiting carbohydrates limits happiness. I tried to really cut down my sugar intake and there were times that I really need sweets. Not crave but need. It also made me really sad and no energy at all. So far, I’m getting used to it and started to eliminate sugar in coffee. I use cocosugar which contains 3g of carbs compared to real sugar which contains 5 g of carbs. Hopefully, I’ll eliminate cocosugar too! Or I really need it! LOL! Also, try to have low carb veggies on the side while having a meal. It does a lot of trick on my part.
  2. Be familiar with protein. I never realized that there are food with no carbohydrates  but with protein and fats. I’m just beginning to introduce myself to different beans, nuts and other food that are high in protein. So it’s an exciting way to be in the kitchen.
  3. Learn to love Mathematics. I need a food weighing scale. Is there a particular name for that?  I need to log the food and be tedious with what I eat. It’s just the beginning, when I was doing caloric counting it was this tedious too until I got used to it.
  4. Be gradually strict. I can’t change my diet abruptly so, I’m introducing this newly learned fat loss diet until I’m used to it or should I say until I see results.
  5. Cook your own food. It gives a sense of fulfilment and happiness as well. :)
  6. Reward yourself. It’s necessary. BUT you know when it’s too much!
  7. Try to know what you need to know. I’m not a nutritionist and not a fitness expert as well but I have this goal to lose fats just from research and home workout. I don’t know if I can really achieve the goal but hey, for as long as you’re doing something for yourself to achieve that goal, you’ll make it! BE PATIENT! 

For post related to fitness please visit: pinayfitnessjourney

Explored Food: Tsoko.Nut Batirol

I have been to Tsoko.Nut Batirol thrice this October. I did enjoy the place, didn’t I?



I dated a friend at 2 am. Luckily, Tsoko.Nut Batirol at WorldWide Corporate Center in Shaw was still open. I guess, for people like us who are trying to make time for their friends, restaurants or cafes that are still open past midnight are a great help.


Anyway, I just had a kapeng barako 80 php (strong brewed coffee/Pinoy’s version of Hot Americano) and my friend had a Mocha Latte Shake 115 hp and Leche Flan cake 69 php


I was craving for champorado (sticky rice with tablea and sugar plus milk. I remembered one of my friends said that Tsoko.Nut’s Champorado was good. So I went here.

Tada!!!! She’s right!

Iced Kapeng Barako is 80 php. Champorado is 75 php. Pandesal Corned Beef is 55 php.

BUT WHAT I REALLY LOVE ABOUT TSOKONUT is the very mabait waitress. I asked her if they offer Iced Americano and she said that they only have the Kapeng Barako but she can personalize it for me. She made it Iced Kapeng Barako. It really made me happy. Whoooppppsss, sorry! When it comes to coffee? I’m really choosy. Especially, nowadays that I can’t have all the sugary content of frappuccino.

I really need personalized coffee.

wpid-wp-1445772295522.jpegSecond kaartehan is, I want garlic bread for the champorado. The mabait waitress just offered pandesal stuffed with corned beef or adobo. I chose the first one.

Overall, I loved the combination of what I had. I love spending alone time outside and the place made me really happy. 🙂


Third time… 🙂

Met again some friends at 8:00 a.m. This time, they were the ones who want to have breakfast here. We had the food below. They shared to me all the sweets. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happiness.

Malunggay Pesto with Shrimp 120 php

Beef Tapa 125 php

Beef Tapa 125 php

Relyenong Bangus 125 php

Relyenong Bangus 125 php

The food that we ordered taste good. The ambiance was nice. Wanna visit again the place very soon. 🙂 🙂

All I can say is I enjoyed the food we had here.


Till next time. 🙂

Explored Food: Chelsea Kitchen

Eating alone is my theme. Just wanna try at least 2 or 3 cozy restaurants this summer. So the first victim is Chelsea Kitchen in Megamall.

Late post.

Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen

Waiting for food. 🙂


Pour Over Yardstick Coffee

Gusto ko sana try toh, looks interesting kaso naman wala ko kasama eh 2 cups of coffee ang serving. Next time na lang. 🙂

Virgin Mango Margarita (195 php)

Lasagna (350 php)

It doesn’t look delicious also it doesn’t taste good.

Cafe Americano (130php) What really made me happy was Illy’s coffee.

It’s the 3rd time that I had Illy-based coffee and it’s really satisfying. 🙂 Yum!

Salted Caramel Cake

Salted Caramel Cake

I also ordered Salted caramel cake; unfortunately, I love sweets so halos ayoko ng magpicutre. 🙂 It was really good!!!! price’s (195php)

Dad’s World Buffet…is this what happens? ^_^

Sigh! Yeah! I want to lose weight to eat A LOT!

I enjoy food alone but there are times that having a meal with friends does no harm. Instead, you enjoy the food MORE. 🙂 Plus having friends means a free meal worth 588 pesos. Thanks!

Asian Fusion failed.

Sabi ko naman ayoko magAsian this summer but… I was in the row of Asian food when the Salisbury Steak said come on and get me.

Lamb Curry (Malaysia). plus another curry, called Thai whatever (Kaeng Karee Ki Haeng-not sure), Pandan Chicken plus the sauce (Thai), Kalbi Jjim (Korean), Callos (Spain pala toh!) lol!

By the way, Dads offers unlimited drinks BUT COFFEE’s not included? HOW COME? Continue reading