Late Bloomer

I’m a late bloomer in so many aspects: education, career and sort of petty things (traveling, having my own space, prioritizing physique and etc). Today, I feel upset of not having done the things I am doing right now at an earlier age. It seems to me that the past few years just passed me by. I’ve learned about life in general more on love and the movement of the natural realm but I could have had learned more.

That my past seemed to be a hindrance juxtaposed an assistance, an eye-opener. That what was wasted in the past should be maximized today. BUT NEVER RUSH. I should just consider time as a metaphysical phenomenon. That it goes beyond the numerical limitation humans inculcated in it. That certain things must be done at certain age. Things happened without explanations not even within the norm.

What’s important is you do things that cause no harm to others.That chakras hopefully are positively flowing in accordance to nature.

Hoping that whatever I feel lacking would be filled and desires would be granted.

Striving to thrive in all aspects. Improvement is ageless.