Explored Food: Chelsea Kitchen

Eating alone is my theme. Just wanna try at least 2 or 3 cozy restaurants this summer. So the first victim is Chelsea Kitchen in Megamall.

Late post.

Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen

Waiting for food. 🙂


Pour Over Yardstick Coffee

Gusto ko sana try toh, looks interesting kaso naman wala ko kasama eh 2 cups of coffee ang serving. Next time na lang. 🙂

Virgin Mango Margarita (195 php)

Lasagna (350 php)

It doesn’t look delicious also it doesn’t taste good.

Cafe Americano (130php) What really made me happy was Illy’s coffee.

It’s the 3rd time that I had Illy-based coffee and it’s really satisfying. 🙂 Yum!

Salted Caramel Cake

Salted Caramel Cake

I also ordered Salted caramel cake; unfortunately, I love sweets so halos ayoko ng magpicutre. 🙂 It was really good!!!! price’s (195php)


Sad News Today

One of my friends was expecting the soonest arrival of her baby until the news saddened us. So, the baby will arrive no more.

I was planning to buy something that I really want for myself but I realized doing a little sacrifice would do no harm.

Unfortunate events that happened to other people make you feel sad but at the same time it makes you realize that you should be happy with your life for your problem is just a dot in a dot. It reminds you that you’re not the loneliest person and your problems aren’t real.

Never on the same page…

Why do our feelings never coincide? I love you for so many times in so many ways without you knowing because you never stood up for me. But who am I to ask for it? I who ran away and chose to be secured than to be loved?

Why do we never get the chance to have the same feelings at the same time?

You were in love with me when I wasn’t and I was in love with you when you weren’t.


I was too hesitant to show it because I was afraid that if I do, I might lose you.

Why do I feel too sad whenever you’re holding another girl’s hand and hypocritically say be happy? I’m so selfish. I never think about your feelings. In so many ways, I’ve caused you pain and unintentionally pushed you away.

What I realized after so many years, love knows no fear. I can’t ever lose someone because I can never own anyone and being away from the person we love doesn’t guarantee that we might be able to move on and to never love them again.

From afar, I have loved you always. But I was afraid to let go of what I had before because I was too immature to realize that a person should learn to live alone to see what matters the most.

The kind of love I have for you is so illogical. It’s bizarre and overwhelming. It’s a repressed feeling; I desired to unfold at the right time which might never come.


There are certain decisions that we have to make in order to save what we thought are worth saving but we will then come to a point and realize that what has been important to us are not the real things that would make us happy.

Sometimes, we’re just too afraid to stand for what we believe in and we just cling on to what we already have because we’re afraid to be alone. We avoid complications not because it makes us happy but it logically gives us a sense of security.