Explored Coffee: Fraspuccio Caramel at Pascucci

As a promise to myself, I will really put into action singleness madness to do list. 😀

Have to explore coffee and to never order Cafe latte (goodbye muna sa pinaka favorite flavor ko!)

One of my friends told me that Pascucci is popular in Korea. Happiness. I was able to talk about the coffee with my online students. ^_^

Sigh, while researching about Pascucci, I stumbled upon a lot of great blogs and mine is really a fetus. Hahaha! Don’t care. I’m not a real blogger just an ordinary girl trying to write her experiences. 🙂

Pascucci, Level 2 Robinson’s Galeria, Ortigas


D.I.Y.: Cafe Latte

My real plan was to have coffee outside but decided to open first a package. My instinct was right because I found these and spontaneously decided to make my own version of cafe latte! Yipee!


Ordinary Coffee

Neither tried nor heard Chase&Sanborn. It’s just ordinary coffee, that I’ve just tasted. However, with the combination of this newly discovered low fat milk with vanilla, my next cafe latte will go a loooonnngggg way!


Chase&Sanborn Coffee Pure and Best Low Fat Vanilla Milk Drink @Rustan’s Supermarket


One of my dreams is to own a coffee shop. It’s just a dream. No plans or goals for it. But I’m happy because right now, I realized that I can at least have a plan to experiment making coffee.

I just read a quote:

“a dream without a plan is just a wish”

Katherine Paterson, The Invisible Child

If bigger plans can’t be achieved, we can still plan and do something about the little things that we have everyday.

I think, that’s a good start into doing something great in the future. Yeah! I believe that big things come from doing small things.

Almost finished product

Butas na Pag-ibig

Kung nakakabili lang ng bagay ang love. Ang dami ko ng pag-aari. Eh ang kaso, pagnagmahal ka instead na dumami pera mo lalo kang naghihirap. Kasi syempre, gusto mo kasama siya. Eh di siyempre lalabas kayo. Kakain kayo, nuod kayong sine. Ang dami mo ng niregalo tapos ang masaklap minsan eh iiwanan ka niyang luhaan.


Yang pag-big na yan, bubutasin na bulsa mo, bubutasin pa pati puso mo.

Eh ganun daw kasi talaga yun. Pero minsan kasi matututo lang tayo pag naging tanga na tayo. Kaya ang payo ko lang ay:

Ingat-ingat sa pag invest ng feelings. Minsan akala mo for real, scammer pala.

Dad’s World Buffet…is this what happens? ^_^

Sigh! Yeah! I want to lose weight to eat A LOT!

I enjoy food alone but there are times that having a meal with friends does no harm. Instead, you enjoy the food MORE. 🙂 Plus having friends means a free meal worth 588 pesos. Thanks!

Asian Fusion failed.

Sabi ko naman ayoko magAsian this summer but… I was in the row of Asian food when the Salisbury Steak said come on and get me.

Lamb Curry (Malaysia). plus another curry, called Thai whatever (Kaeng Karee Ki Haeng-not sure), Pandan Chicken plus the sauce (Thai), Kalbi Jjim (Korean), Callos (Spain pala toh!) lol!

By the way, Dads offers unlimited drinks BUT COFFEE’s not included? HOW COME? Continue reading

Singleness Madness 10 things to do list. :)

To Do List It’s been a while since I have been single so I have nothing to do but to enjoy the moment. 🙂 1. Go to the Beach. Just realized that traveling should be a part of life. 2. Eat in a cozy not so fancy restaurant. I love to eat. Not just eat but eat good comforting food. Asian food has been too comforting to the point that I forgot to try other cuisine. So, no to Asian food this summer. 3. Explore new coffee. Cafe Latte is out of the equation. Yeah! I love coffee but I think, I had been fixated with cafe latte. Have to try really something bold and new. 4. Lose weight then eat a lot! Sigh! Don’t want to be in a so depressed mood so need not tell anything about it. 🙂 Sigh! 5. Try some more alcohol. I don’t drink. Really. I don’t. But there’s nothing wrong naman siguro if I want to try something new. 🙂 6. Swim although exercising is hell. Yeah! Swimming has been a part of my life. Without it, I’m a balyena! 🙂 Hahaha

Kung ang passion ko sa paglamon ay kasing intense ng passion ko sa pag workout siguro ang sexy ko na. Kaso, ayan tayo eh!

7. Watch a movie alone. Watched a concert alone. Also, have to do this one. 8. Spend more time with family. 9. Cook something new. Even though, MOST OF THE TIME it’s not appreciated at least I’m trying my best on this one. 🙂 10. Work hard and Save money! This is what I love about now. I can be independent and realized that I don’t have to depend on anyone. BONUS: Live life to the fullest. Love Like I have never been hurt. 🙂 In the end, I just wanna love and be loved again. 🙂 Wala naman sigurong masama maging choosy kahit walang choices.

Kung sa panget nga may pumatol eh sa mataba na di masyadong kagandahan meron din naman siguro! Sa ngayon, I’ll just enjoy the moment. 🙂