Good Enough

Have you ever felt being left behind? In everything? Career? Personal life? Financially?

Have you ever felt that everyone is moving on with his life and here you are, left behind.

Are you really left behind?

They said, there’s a season.


No one knows.

But today, what are you doing?

Are you doing something that might lead you to not be left behind?

Not by everyone but by the person in your head.

“Huli man daw at magaling, maihahabol din.”

If you feel like you’re not good enough then be good enough.

Be good enough until you convinced yourself that you are good enough.


Forever Nganga! Anak ng Tokwa

Ayoko naman mag expect eh pero napakahirap nun gawin lalu na pag mabuti ka sa tao, kasi siyempre aasa ka na in a way ibabalik niya sa iyo hindi man lahat pero kahit konti lang sa kabutihang binigay mo. Katarantaduhan na solid na solid ang paniniwala ng isang tao sa “Love without expectations” na yan. Kasi di ka  tao, if di ka umasa. Pero siyempre, pinipilit mo na maging banal at sundin ang makalangit na paniniwala.

Hindi lang naman yan sa tao o sa pag-big pero sa napakaraming bagay; ang sarap kasing umasa. Nakaka-adik, na minsan punyemas na lang ang masasabi mo dahil walang nangyari,

Puro ka-asa, puro naman siya paasa wala naman palang papatunguhan.

We always expect for positive results and assumed that everything is in our favor but in reality, nga-nga ka talaga. Kaya yung feelings mo puro status na lang sa facebook. At least sa facebook may mag-la-like. At least, di ka man gusto ng gusto mo, may naglike naman ng status mo.

Tang-ina! Minsan may mga bagay na gustong-gusto mo ng hingiin sa isang tao, kaso magmumukha ka lang tanga. May mga bagay kasi na sadyang di pwedeng ipilit.

May mga bagay na dapat ay kusang loob lang na ibinibigay sayo at kung minsan pa nga, sa kakapilit mo lalo lang nawawala sa’yo. Minsan, di pa sayo nawala na.

Mahirap mag-antay at umasa pero minsan mas pinipili na lang natin na mag-antay pa rin at least kasi nabibigyan tayo ng pag-asa na papanig rin ang mundo sa atin, di man ngayon, malay mo bukas.

New Watch

I learned that no matter DSC_0215_1how valuable time is, we will always be willing to waste it for the person we love. It makes waiting significant and each day that passes by becomes just a part of our lives. That we must live day by day for the shared memories belongs in the past.

But the present always reminds us of the emotions that we felt before. Sometimes, we really don’t leave sadness; instead, we let it swallow the day. We can’t live now because we are stuck in yesterday’s regret.

At the moment, happiness is starting to re-introduce itself to me. Time is a tool that cannot measure love and is never an assurance of joy.

Love is indeed immeasurable. It knows no boundaries and requires no time. It only happens at the moment. It lives neither in the past nor in the future. What I learned is we can only love today because we only have memories from the past and hopes in the future. Now, it’s either hate or love. I choose the latter.


I’m afraid that I might lose a person that I love but no one can lose anyone. We can only show our love to them and hope that in return they will love us back. All I can do now is to wait and to have hope that things will be better between us.



I just want to start the year with a prayer and a smile. One of my goals is to read more. I just have a reflection today that makes me realize that smile is the only weapon I have right now.

My hope in love will always endure.

Love never coincides with pain and has no space for hatred. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I will try to find happiness in adversity. Sometimes, we have to experience great pain in order to treasure the people that we love. We commit mistakes because of foolishness.

But love is indescribable; it forgives the unforgivable, accepts the unreasonable and understands the incomprehensible. It has faith that no matter how things go wrong, love always prevails.