Coffee Project PH

It’s been a while since I have written something about coffee. If there’s one coffee shop that provides comfort, I would recommend Coffee Project in WCC, Shaw.

It provides a personal space to breathe. It’s a perfect place to clear the head and to enjoy ME TIME. 

Kaso lang, hindi ko mapigilan i-recommend yung place sa friends ko, so I ended up bringing friends sa Coffee Project so it’s not anymore a Me time space.

January:  The first visit was with the best friend. 🙂 It’s actually a celebration of our birthdays.


He took a lot of pictures and just sharing some of the captured moments. 🙂

February: Second visit was spontaneous with a few close friends. The approximately 2 km walk didn’t bother us after reaching the place.


March and April:

Third and fourth, celebrated a good time with my favorite person. Me, myself and I.

Fifth, I visited the place with the same friends but there was a twist.

After visiting Coffee Project, Shaw, we also visited Coffee Project, Lake Front on the same day (we really don’t know why we did that). But the atmosphere is like in Shaw. It didn’t fail to provide the personal space to have a good conversation with friends.


So, we took a lot of photos and no one can stop us from doing such again…Sooonnn!

And one of my friends said, “Hindi naman na ako nagsisi na nagpunta tayo ng Paranaque.”

I think, the picture doesn’t lie.

May: Sixth visit was for the Team Synergy sponsored by our company.


So, I have been visiting the place never been absent in any months of this year so far.:)

I hope they would never fail to continue providing the atmosphere of having a good experience with friends. 🙂

So far so good.

Pahabol, staffs are also kind.


A Pause in A Walk


CBTL Brew Your Best Year x Art of Movement

People who have the same intent always find a way to get close together. I never attended any writing workshop and glad to have the first one with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The Brew Your Best Year in collaboration with Art of Movement was indeed a great experience. Getting to know new people who have the same passion while having a free coffee and snacks never happens always.

Below is an insight about the experience.

Why are we scared to lose the battle?

If you want it, go for it, even if it breaks you, even if it takes away your life. After all, it is the purpose of existence. It’s a powerful motivation that I keep on telling to myself without realizing that I also need to pause.


Have you paused today? I have been running for a while now, grasping for air, then here comes the idea of walking.

Walking is associated in everything that we do. We are in a trance of interconnected kaleidoscope. Its’ intricacies of fragmented yet beautiful interconnections, as we maneuver the scope, make the connection vaguely clear. The only thing we could do is to adjust and to appreciate what we clearly see. We have to adjust in order to appreciate what’s in our hand.

Appreciation is a hard-to-define word nowadays for people tend to appreciate the things they don’t have, hence would do any type of maneuvering just to be satisfied with whatever they have. No one is content and no one is perfectly grateful because perfection is boredom.

So we failed to appreciate how perfectly the interconnected intricacies are put together. We failed to see how beautiful life is. We failed to notice the realistic present for we are too excited for the idealism of the future. That we failed to walk today. That we think we should run for we have to finish the marathon faster than the others but it’s exhausting, emotionally draining and spiritually heartbreaking.

Why do we run if all we really need is to walk, to just enjoy the movement of the environment? Why do we have to exhaust ourselves if what we really need is to just breathe?

Today, walking acts as a symbolism of pause. It reminds me that the present serves as an arbiter between the past and the future. That each has his own way to pause to bring back the balance of spontaneity because life is never perfect, unplanned and indeed spontaneous.

The past is just a memory and the future is an illusion. So, no matter how busy and fast-paced life is, I think, we should pause. We should stop and to be just in the moment.

The event made me realize the pauses I had in the past few years and transition those pauses into the future.

Winning the battle isn’t really what is at stake but the moments when we pause to experience life.

Yeah! I think, that’s the reason why we write, to pause, to explore what’s inside us and to outwardly gravitate towards the world.

Project Kapiranggot: General Motors Diet (Day 1)

Yes! A friend said that he was on GM diet. I really got curious and tried to know the in and outs of the program. My body has been tired exercising for the past week and so I decided to give it another week of rest but the catch is I have to undergo GM diet.

So, I’m on first day. 🙂

Today, I am only allowed to eat fruits. Just whole fruits. Fruit shake or fruit juices are not allowed. Tea and coffee are allowed but of course no sweetener, milk or creamer. BUT I CHEATED! I’m having black coffee with small amount of brown sugar or cocosugar.

It’s 6 pm already. I’m at work. I only have 5-6 hours of sleep per day but I can do this! Gonna put into writing again what’s going to happen on day 2. 🙂



For post related to fitness please visit: pinayfitnessjourney

Starbucks Coffee Festival


Starbucks Philippines conducted its first ever one of a kind Coffee Festival. It’s an informative exhibit that talks about coffee. As far as I can remember there are four stations.


I and the Hashtag!


The first station talks about the history of coffee.

A goat accidentally ate coffee berries and its keeper, Kaldi, noticed that it became hyperactive and energetic. Then after quite sometime, it has been used by monks to keep themselves awake during long prayers.

12939630_10206107407225152_1012899429_n (1).jpg


This one’s quite interesting!

The barista said that there are 26 species of coffee. She only talked about 2 main types, the Arabica and Robusta. IT’S ONLY ARABICA that Starbucks uses because it has the highest quality. While, Robusta are usually used in instant coffee.


Arabic and Robusta can be differentiated by color

Another interesting fact is knowing that it’s only 10% of coffee cherries that is processed to become coffee. Based on what I can remember, the coffee bean is only 10% of the coffee cherry.

12495128_10209040991844545_414222327477669318_n (1)



THIRD STATION: Where Do coffee come from?

Latin America. The nutty and cocoa flavors are definitely from this place.

Africa.  If you want the berries and citrus flavor, Africa is the place. Also it’s the place of coffee with strongest aroma.

Asia Pacific. Coffee of our own. Earthly and herb. Bold and assertive. 🙂

FOURTH STATION: Roast Spectrum

So, they have 3. Blonde RoastMedium Roast. and Dark Roast.

12494862_10209040990164503_7729397886597588421_n (1)

All I can say is, the milder the roast, the more aromatic the coffee bean is. 🙂

LOL! Seriously, what I learned in this station is that the caffeine content is not based on the roast.

12932996_10209040993484586_4840853765021075269_n (1)

Just a glimpse of the different aromatic coffee beans!

There was also coffee art, brewing, and other demonstration.


and arts that can’t be touched!




Lastly, I was appreciated. 🙂

Project Kapiranggot: Go Have Coffee!

For those who really cannot break up with coffee. Here are some few things I do to keep the caffeine circulating in my body everyday.


Always go for the smallest size. Yeah! lighter option at Starbucks and NSA frappe at Coffee Bean ranges from 100 calories to 200 calories but a frappuccino is still a frappuccino. I’m a great fan of coffee and I would like to remind you that it was really hard to break up with frappe.

However, if you really need a break and really crave for it. Here’s a link for your preference

Another reminder, there’s a relationship between estrogen level and soy. Avoid soy milk. It doesn’t do good with weight loss. I can’t go on the nitty-gritty part, I just watched an expert on YouTube talking about this. Just do your research too.

2. No Milk. Pure black as much as possible.

There are only few times that I go pure black. It really depends on my mood and on the coffee shop. I cheat! For the nth time, it’s recommended that for variation we can have coffee and tea instead of soda but make sure that your coffee is pure black and I CAN’T HAVE IT PURE BLACK! Let’s go to the next one, this isn’t helpful anymore.


Tall-sized Iced Americano (SFV)

3. Go for SFV(Sugar free vanilla), NSA (no sugar added) or 1/2 tsp of brown sugar. 

SFV and NSA really cut the calories on your drink. It could make a 300-calorie frappe into less than 180 calories.

Th difficulty on this one?

I have been to different coffee shops in our country and Starbucks offers the best option. Not only when it comes to caloric counting but they really provide the coffee, the way you want it. Coffee Bean also has NSA but it’s only for the frappe. They don’t offer SFV (based on the branches that I’ve been to). I usually asked other coffee shops but they usually say they don’t offer such. Even going low fat milk, they don’t. I guess, Krispy Kreme does have low fat milk for coffee but an original sugar glazed is 180 or 190 calories.

4. Go for the Smallest Size

Usually, I order, tall-sized Cafe Americano with SFV. The barista told me that it’s 2 pumps for tall, 3 for grande and 4 for venti. So GO FOR THE SMALLEST SIZE. By the way, 1 pump is 20 calories.

See, it doesn’t only save you for having more caffeine, it also saves you from paying more for a larger size.

To wrap it up, at least we can still have brewed, Americano or instant. A piece of advice, you really cannot get everything that you want. And I guess, living a healthier life means starting to choose the best alternatives and being disciplined with our food intake. It was difficult on my part at first, but I got used to it. 🙂 You can even go further than what I did. You might have your coffee –PURE BLACK.

Explored Coffee: Fraspuccio Caramel at Pascucci

As a promise to myself, I will really put into action singleness madness to do list. 😀

Have to explore coffee and to never order Cafe latte (goodbye muna sa pinaka favorite flavor ko!)

One of my friends told me that Pascucci is popular in Korea. Happiness. I was able to talk about the coffee with my online students. ^_^

Sigh, while researching about Pascucci, I stumbled upon a lot of great blogs and mine is really a fetus. Hahaha! Don’t care. I’m not a real blogger just an ordinary girl trying to write her experiences. 🙂

Pascucci, Level 2 Robinson’s Galeria, Ortigas

D.I.Y.: Cafe Latte

My real plan was to have coffee outside but decided to open first a package. My instinct was right because I found these and spontaneously decided to make my own version of cafe latte! Yipee!


Ordinary Coffee

Neither tried nor heard Chase&Sanborn. It’s just ordinary coffee, that I’ve just tasted. However, with the combination of this newly discovered low fat milk with vanilla, my next cafe latte will go a loooonnngggg way!


Chase&Sanborn Coffee Pure and Best Low Fat Vanilla Milk Drink @Rustan’s Supermarket


One of my dreams is to own a coffee shop. It’s just a dream. No plans or goals for it. But I’m happy because right now, I realized that I can at least have a plan to experiment making coffee.

I just read a quote:

“a dream without a plan is just a wish”

Katherine Paterson, The Invisible Child

If bigger plans can’t be achieved, we can still plan and do something about the little things that we have everyday.

I think, that’s a good start into doing something great in the future. Yeah! I believe that big things come from doing small things.

Almost finished product