I’m happy to see friends settling down and having their own families. I admire women who aren’t afraid to bear children and raise them. Coz, I’m afraid.

Am I afraid to be a mom? I don’t know. Probably, I just don’t see myself as one. Probably, I want to do other things. Probably, I want a different thing. Probably, I want a different path.

Some women feel the urgency to be a mom. That they see themselves incomplete without having one.

But can I be a mother in a different form? Can I be a mother to my students? I can be married to teaching? Can I find my worth through studying? 

They said that the essense of a woman is to bear a child, to be a mom. 

So, how about those who have hostile uterus? How about those who dedicated themselves to their career? How about those who married their passion? How about the old maids who weren’t given a chance to have one?

Are they women without value? Are they women without essence? 


Do I have to prove ny worth as a woman? Does it make me less of a person not bearing a child?


Independent Woman

No one wants to be alone.  At the end of the day, there will always be this thought about having a partner. That someone who will ask about your day. That someone who will be willing to share a life with you.

But not having that person beside you doesn’t mean loneliness. Being alone is NECESSARY. It gives you a tranquil mind to realize that you can really be alone, a person without a partner but happy. It doesn’t mean that you’re closing your door to love and to be loved but it’s never a bad thing to enjoy a little more of yourself.


People might never understand why I enjoy having a meal or sipping coffee alone. But it makes me happy. It gives me a sense of realization that spending time with myself is happiness. It’s vital to feel comfortable in aloneness and to never feel the need that you’re missing something. That you are independent and would never choose to be in a relationship out of loneliness.

If there will come a day that I would decide to allow someone to join me, I would allow him because it’s going to be a new exciting chapter of my life.

But I will never wait or rush.

Today, I’m enjoying an exciting chapter of my life and I appreciate it.

From being a dependent childish, I am proud that I am now a woman who makes mature decisions for herself. I learned and I have so much more to share.

Just continue being happy. Live in the moment. Be excited for surprises. And celebrate FREEDOM!