Project Kapiranggot: Macronutrients

July of last year, I counted my calorie intake, regardless of the macronutrient content.  I was successful in losing weight until last week that I felt the need to change my diet if I really want to see progress.

A fitness enthusiast friend told me a month ago that I should focus on fat loss NOT weight loss. So, I researched and  came across different websites on how to lose fats.

To begin fat loss journey, I should count not only calories but also the macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Protein and fats). I’m still figuring out the best percentage distribution for me. Experimenting on food and gradually transitioning to be on a 1200 caloric diet and 40%-30%-30% ratio. Some websites says that it should be 40% protein/carbs, 30% protein/carbs and 30% fats. Other websites state different percentage.

I’m still in the process of getting to know how this diet works.

So what have I learned so far?

  1. Limiting carbohydrates limits happiness. I tried to really cut down my sugar intake and there were times that I really need sweets. Not crave but need. It also made me really sad and no energy at all. So far, I’m getting used to it and started to eliminate sugar in coffee. I use cocosugar which contains 3g of carbs compared to real sugar which contains 5 g of carbs. Hopefully, I’ll eliminate cocosugar too! Or I really need it! LOL! Also, try to have low carb veggies on the side while having a meal. It does a lot of trick on my part.
  2. Be familiar with protein. I never realized that there are food with no carbohydrates  but with protein and fats. I’m just beginning to introduce myself to different beans, nuts and other food that are high in protein. So it’s an exciting way to be in the kitchen.
  3. Learn to love Mathematics. I need a food weighing scale. Is there a particular name for that?  I need to log the food and be tedious with what I eat. It’s just the beginning, when I was doing caloric counting it was this tedious too until I got used to it.
  4. Be gradually strict. I can’t change my diet abruptly so, I’m introducing this newly learned fat loss diet until I’m used to it or should I say until I see results.
  5. Cook your own food. It gives a sense of fulfilment and happiness as well. :)
  6. Reward yourself. It’s necessary. BUT you know when it’s too much!
  7. Try to know what you need to know. I’m not a nutritionist and not a fitness expert as well but I have this goal to lose fats just from research and home workout. I don’t know if I can really achieve the goal but hey, for as long as you’re doing something for yourself to achieve that goal, you’ll make it! BE PATIENT! 

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Project Kapiranggot: Swim and Run for Cardio/LIIT

After 6 months of mostly 10-minute cardio before resistance training, I decided to dedicate at least 2x a week to cardio exercises.

Why? I just want to try it and would just look at the results after 3 months. Lol!

Currently, I’m doing resistance training 3x a week and cardio 2x a week. I just want to discuss what I do for cardio.

I love swimming and it has been a part of my life since I was 16. Swimming pool is very accessible to me so I decided to include a 30-minute routine. I only rest for 10 seconds if I feel like resting but I keep on moving for the whole 30 minutes. It’s like a nonstop 30-minute swim in slow/moderate phase.

I also do a 30-minute run, usually on the treadmill.

Warm up: 5-minute walk.

Running: I do the following or sometimes, I play with the interval.

5-minute slow/moderate

1-minute fast

5 min slow/moderate

Slow down: 5 minute walk

 How to enjoy? 

VARIATION: I mix running and swimming. Sometimes, I swim right after running or vice versa. There are also lazy days when I feel like just swimming or just running.

GOAL: Sometimes, I extend for a couple of minutes but I encourage myself to NEVER exercise for less than 30 minutes.

COMPANION: Recently, I found some new friends who joined me in running. So, if I’m too lazy to run, they are there to motivate and inspire me that I have to.


EXPLORE: It was first time to run in an oval. I was so happy that a friend introduced this place to me.


Sigh, just some more few thoughts, I think, I am not alone on this. I’m not the only person who feels like the results don’t give justice to the efforts. BUT! It’s a lifetime process. I know,there will come a day that I’ll be happy with the result. 🙂

FOR NOW… I’ll enjoy what I do for cardio.

Independent Woman

No one wants to be alone.  At the end of the day, there will always be this thought about having a partner. That someone who will ask about your day. That someone who will be willing to share a life with you.

But not having that person beside you doesn’t mean loneliness. Being alone is NECESSARY. It gives you a tranquil mind to realize that you can really be alone, a person without a partner but happy. It doesn’t mean that you’re closing your door to love and to be loved but it’s never a bad thing to enjoy a little more of yourself.


People might never understand why I enjoy having a meal or sipping coffee alone. But it makes me happy. It gives me a sense of realization that spending time with myself is happiness. It’s vital to feel comfortable in aloneness and to never feel the need that you’re missing something. That you are independent and would never choose to be in a relationship out of loneliness.

If there will come a day that I would decide to allow someone to join me, I would allow him because it’s going to be a new exciting chapter of my life.

But I will never wait or rush.

Today, I’m enjoying an exciting chapter of my life and I appreciate it.

From being a dependent childish, I am proud that I am now a woman who makes mature decisions for herself. I learned and I have so much more to share.

Just continue being happy. Live in the moment. Be excited for surprises. And celebrate FREEDOM!


Project Kapiranggot: Progress Motivation

A weeks ago, I was surprised when Rebecca Louise posted on her IG my progress photo

I was in a way, sad because of slow progress. Eventhough, friends were there to cheer me up and kept on saying that I already made a long way, I still felt like that I was not doing my best.


This was sent by a new friend

But thanks to the people I meet and would meet who share the same interest and weight struggle. I am very happy to get a chance to talk to people and see comments. I am very much willing to share my journey and to also listen to their stories.

In the end, we are all products of what we think and do. I’m impatient to see more results. WE CAN DO THIS!

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