Sometimes, you feel angry to a friend who hurt you. Simply, you feel misunderstood. But would never want your friends to understand where you are coming from because if they do it only means that they had experienced the kind of pain that you never wish to happen to anyone.

You still want them to believe in ideal things, a bright future and undying love. That preparing for the said future keeps them going for they serve as a balance and remind you of your old self. That once in your life, you have been too anxious of the future.

As a friend, remind them that no one is in control and whatever plans they have for the future will not turn out perfectly as they planned.

There would always be twists in life. And by that time, wish them to see the gift of living in the now.

Planning is good but should not lead to anxiety. The illusive future is beautiful. But nothing beats how the present takes a breath away.

True, it’s not about the plans but how you enjoy the journey, the people as you reach towards the future that you are hoping for.

You don’t live in the future. Don’t let it control you.


New Watch

I learned that no matter DSC_0215_1how valuable time is, we will always be willing to waste it for the person we love. It makes waiting significant and each day that passes by becomes just a part of our lives. That we must live day by day for the shared memories belongs in the past.

But the present always reminds us of the emotions that we felt before. Sometimes, we really don’t leave sadness; instead, we let it swallow the day. We can’t live now because we are stuck in yesterday’s regret.

At the moment, happiness is starting to re-introduce itself to me. Time is a tool that cannot measure love and is never an assurance of joy.

Love is indeed immeasurable. It knows no boundaries and requires no time. It only happens at the moment. It lives neither in the past nor in the future. What I learned is we can only love today because we only have memories from the past and hopes in the future. Now, it’s either hate or love. I choose the latter.

To My Future Love

I want to give my all to you. You will be the very reason of my existence. The pain that would be encountered will be nothing because your first yawn will be incomparable. Fragile red toes and vulnerable hands against my chest will be covered with warmth. Undoubtedly, you’ll be the center of my being. The love I would offer to you is unimaginable.

The smell of the smooth and slippery vernix caseosa would touch the soul and give my hands strength to hold you gently as my lips would gradually touch your lanugo.