Good Enough

Have you ever felt being left behind? In everything? Career? Personal life? Financially?

Have you ever felt that everyone is moving on with his life and here you are, left behind.

Are you really left behind?

They said, there’s a season.


No one knows.

But today, what are you doing?

Are you doing something that might lead you to not be left behind?

Not by everyone but by the person in your head.

“Huli man daw at magaling, maihahabol din.”

If you feel like you’re not good enough then be good enough.

Be good enough until you convinced yourself that you are good enough.



Thanks for loving me today. If your love fades tomorrow, just say it and I’ll walk away. What’s important is you love me now. I don’t care about tomorrow, what matters to me is NOW.

Desk Organizer


I really feel the need of having a desk organizer because my desk has always been messy. They said it reflects your personality.

Does it mean that my life is also messy? I don’t know but I feel like I have been trying to organize things but it ends up being unfavorable to me.

I realized that just like my desk, I should gradually fix life. I should focus on bettering myself a little more. It sounds weird but no one can ever take happiness away from you except yourself. It’s you alone that would make things better. People just become a part of your happiness but they can neither give nor take it away from you.

We always believe that there are people who will stay in our cluttered lives and will understand our chaotic selves. However, making these people stay depends on us alone. It would depend on how we would try to fix things. As of the moment, I would focus on fixing my desk first.