Project Kapiranggot: Swim and Run for Cardio/LIIT

After 6 months of mostly 10-minute cardio before resistance training, I decided to dedicate at least 2x a week to cardio exercises.

Why? I just want to try it and would just look at the results after 3 months. Lol!

Currently, I’m doing resistance training 3x a week and cardio 2x a week. I just want to discuss what I do for cardio.

I love swimming and it has been a part of my life since I was 16. Swimming pool is very accessible to me so I decided to include a 30-minute routine. I only rest for 10 seconds if I feel like resting but I keep on moving for the whole 30 minutes. It’s like a nonstop 30-minute swim in slow/moderate phase.

I also do a 30-minute run, usually on the treadmill.

Warm up: 5-minute walk.

Running: I do the following or sometimes, I play with the interval.

5-minute slow/moderate

1-minute fast

5 min slow/moderate

Slow down: 5 minute walk

 How to enjoy? 

VARIATION: I mix running and swimming. Sometimes, I swim right after running or vice versa. There are also lazy days when I feel like just swimming or just running.

GOAL: Sometimes, I extend for a couple of minutes but I encourage myself to NEVER exercise for less than 30 minutes.

COMPANION: Recently, I found some new friends who joined me in running. So, if I’m too lazy to run, they are there to motivate and inspire me that I have to.


EXPLORE: It was first time to run in an oval. I was so happy that a friend introduced this place to me.


Sigh, just some more few thoughts, I think, I am not alone on this. I’m not the only person who feels like the results don’t give justice to the efforts. BUT! It’s a lifetime process. I know,there will come a day that I’ll be happy with the result. 🙂

FOR NOW… I’ll enjoy what I do for cardio.


What I Love About Being Single

I never realized that after all the heartaches comes happiness. I find joy in being alone for I have so much time for myself. I enjoy the countless swimming lapses and the newly introduced activity which is running that I am currently starting to become addicted to.

I have no plans for weekends and there’s a lot of room for instantaneous activities. It’s quite surprising that being alone makes me try things I never thought I would. I don’t know but I never wanted to hit the gym before but look at me now trying to prioritize the treadmill in my schedule.

Also, I tend to become more productive wherein fact it’s really difficult to adjust the time for I have 2 jobs and I have plans to study again this year.

Time seems to be an enemy nowadays. However, it’s a matter of managing your time.

I have more time for friends and family and also lots of fun time to travel.

I’m excited doing thing alone and most of my friends keep on telling me that I should just enjoy the moment so that I won’t regret someday that I missed this part. 🙂

I love the NOW. 🙂

Lastly, the very reason why I’m in this phase right now is I want to love again. True, love like you’ve never been hurt. But in order to do such, I have to enjoy the precious “Me Time.” Yehey!