I’m happy to see friends settling down and having their own families. I admire women who aren’t afraid to bear children and raise them. Coz, I’m afraid.

Am I afraid to be a mom? I don’t know. Probably, I just don’t see myself as one. Probably, I want to do other things. Probably, I want a different thing. Probably, I want a different path.

Some women feel the urgency to be a mom. That they see themselves incomplete without having one.

But can I be a mother in a different form? Can I be a mother to my students? I can be married to teaching? Can I find my worth through studying? 

They said that the essense of a woman is to bear a child, to be a mom. 

So, how about those who have hostile uterus? How about those who dedicated themselves to their career? How about those who married their passion? How about the old maids who weren’t given a chance to have one?

Are they women without value? Are they women without essence? 


Do I have to prove ny worth as a woman? Does it make me less of a person not bearing a child?


To My Future Love

I want to give my all to you. You will be the very reason of my existence. The pain that would be encountered will be nothing because your first yawn will be incomparable. Fragile red toes and vulnerable hands against my chest will be covered with warmth. Undoubtedly, you’ll be the center of my being. The love I would offer to you is unimaginable.

The smell of the smooth and slippery vernix caseosa would touch the soul and give my hands strength to hold you gently as my lips would gradually touch your lanugo.