Coffee Project PH

It’s been a while since I have written something about coffee. If there’s one coffee shop that provides comfort, I would recommend Coffee Project in WCC, Shaw.

It provides a personal space to breathe. It’s a perfect place to clear the head and to enjoy ME TIME. 

Kaso lang, hindi ko mapigilan i-recommend yung place sa friends ko, so I ended up bringing friends sa Coffee Project so it’s not anymore a Me time space.

January:  The first visit was with the best friend. 🙂 It’s actually a celebration of our birthdays.


He took a lot of pictures and just sharing some of the captured moments. 🙂

February: Second visit was spontaneous with a few close friends. The approximately 2 km walk didn’t bother us after reaching the place.


March and April:

Third and fourth, celebrated a good time with my favorite person. Me, myself and I.

Fifth, I visited the place with the same friends but there was a twist.

After visiting Coffee Project, Shaw, we also visited Coffee Project, Lake Front on the same day (we really don’t know why we did that). But the atmosphere is like in Shaw. It didn’t fail to provide the personal space to have a good conversation with friends.


So, we took a lot of photos and no one can stop us from doing such again…Sooonnn!

And one of my friends said, “Hindi naman na ako nagsisi na nagpunta tayo ng Paranaque.”

I think, the picture doesn’t lie.

May: Sixth visit was for the Team Synergy sponsored by our company.


So, I have been visiting the place never been absent in any months of this year so far.:)

I hope they would never fail to continue providing the atmosphere of having a good experience with friends. 🙂

So far so good.

Pahabol, staffs are also kind.


Explored Food: Chelsea Kitchen

Eating alone is my theme. Just wanna try at least 2 or 3 cozy restaurants this summer. So the first victim is Chelsea Kitchen in Megamall.

Late post.

Chelsea Kitchen

Chelsea Kitchen

Waiting for food. 🙂


Pour Over Yardstick Coffee

Gusto ko sana try toh, looks interesting kaso naman wala ko kasama eh 2 cups of coffee ang serving. Next time na lang. 🙂

Virgin Mango Margarita (195 php)

Lasagna (350 php)

It doesn’t look delicious also it doesn’t taste good.

Cafe Americano (130php) What really made me happy was Illy’s coffee.

It’s the 3rd time that I had Illy-based coffee and it’s really satisfying. 🙂 Yum!

Salted Caramel Cake

Salted Caramel Cake

I also ordered Salted caramel cake; unfortunately, I love sweets so halos ayoko ng magpicutre. 🙂 It was really good!!!! price’s (195php)