Life Cycle

If it feels good,
Enjoy it.
If it hurts,
Experience it.

In between,
Find something worth doing.
In the process,
Be happy.

Above all,
See the beauty.
For the cycle proves
You are alive.




I just want to start the year with a prayer and a smile. One of my goals is to read more. I just have a reflection today that makes me realize that smile is the only weapon I have right now.

My hope in love will always endure.

Love never coincides with pain and has no space for hatred. It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I will try to find happiness in adversity. Sometimes, we have to experience great pain in order to treasure the people that we love. We commit mistakes because of foolishness.

But love is indescribable; it forgives the unforgivable, accepts the unreasonable and understands the incomprehensible. It has faith that no matter how things go wrong, love always prevails.