Top 10 Things I Want to Do in The Next 3 Years

1. Be a beginner in learning a new language

I want to learn two languages, Korean and Japanese, because I want to work as a translator.

2. Advance English Skills

Get a diploma in English then a Master’s Degree. I already have a targeted school. I hope I’ll make it.

3. Travel Abroad

I want to go to Barcelona, Bali and Thailand.

4. Work Abroad

I hope to experience working as an ESL Teacher in Asian Countries.

5. Have a Lucrative Job in the Philippines

Becoming a translator will do a lot of trick but I don’t know if I would have the enthusiasm to learn a new language (and I think it takes years). Probably, I could study more and try to level up on the current field.

6. Write a book

Currently working on it and I’m out of words.

7. Save targeted amount of money each year

I hope the shopping malls will not hinder me from doing such. On a serious note, no emergency situations please.

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

I am glad that after losing almost 20kg, I become more familiar with healthy food. That it’s already second nature to choose what I eat.

9. Be familiar with a sports

I tried boxing and Muay Thai for fun. Anyway, it’s not about the fighting experience that I’m into but the cardio. Not yet sure if this would be the sports that I’ll be addicted to for 3 years.

10. Invest

Health is Wealth. Financially Dang!

Actually, most of the things written above are wishes. No goals set. But Yeah! I’ll try to start setting objectives though!

Just reminding myself that “A goal without plan is just a wish.”


Perks of Being a Tutor

I had a conversation with my student because he bought a new place for himself. He’s a year younger than me but he’s very successful in his career. He usually inspires me and always has something good to say.

Rhen: I really want to own one but I really don’t know how. I think my salary wouldn’t suffice.

Jooyong: You are diligent and you will save a lot of money for a new house. I believe…

Rhen: Thank you very much Jooyong, I’m really somewhat devastated about that. 

Jooyong: You are really teaching me hard and I really appreciate that and you deserve it.

I love my jobs. Yeah! I have been working really hard. I have a part time and a full time job and there are weekends that I spend at work. Sad to say, being a tutor is not a lucrative job. Even if I spend the whole day working, I still wont be able to really have the kind of life that I want with the kind of job that I have.

Someone said I’m resourceful so let’s just see what’s gonna happen. We don’t know what lies ahead. 🙂 I’ll just maximize whatever I have right now.

I would find a way to be able to reach my goals.