Explored Food: Tsoko.Nut Batirol

I have been to Tsoko.Nut Batirol thrice this October. I did enjoy the place, didn’t I?



I dated a friend at 2 am. Luckily, Tsoko.Nut Batirol at WorldWide Corporate Center in Shaw was still open. I guess, for people like us who are trying to make time for their friends, restaurants or cafes that are still open past midnight are a great help.


Anyway, I just had a kapeng barako 80 php (strong brewed coffee/Pinoy’s version of Hot Americano) and my friend had a Mocha Latte Shake 115 hp and Leche Flan cake 69 php


I was craving for champorado (sticky rice with tablea and sugar plus milk. I remembered one of my friends said that Tsoko.Nut’s Champorado was good. So I went here.

Tada!!!! She’s right!

Iced Kapeng Barako is 80 php. Champorado is 75 php. Pandesal Corned Beef is 55 php.

BUT WHAT I REALLY LOVE ABOUT TSOKONUT is the very mabait waitress. I asked her if they offer Iced Americano and she said that they only have the Kapeng Barako but she can personalize it for me. She made it Iced Kapeng Barako. It really made me happy. Whoooppppsss, sorry! When it comes to coffee? I’m really choosy. Especially, nowadays that I can’t have all the sugary content of frappuccino.

I really need personalized coffee.

wpid-wp-1445772295522.jpegSecond kaartehan is, I want garlic bread for the champorado. The mabait waitress just offered pandesal stuffed with corned beef or adobo. I chose the first one.

Overall, I loved the combination of what I had. I love spending alone time outside and the place made me really happy. 🙂


Third time… 🙂

Met again some friends at 8:00 a.m. This time, they were the ones who want to have breakfast here. We had the food below. They shared to me all the sweets. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happiness.

Malunggay Pesto with Shrimp 120 php

Beef Tapa 125 php

Beef Tapa 125 php

Relyenong Bangus 125 php

Relyenong Bangus 125 php

The food that we ordered taste good. The ambiance was nice. Wanna visit again the place very soon. 🙂 🙂

All I can say is I enjoyed the food we had here.


Till next time. 🙂


Project Kapiranggot: Go Have Coffee!

For those who really cannot break up with coffee. Here are some few things I do to keep the caffeine circulating in my body everyday.


Always go for the smallest size. Yeah! lighter option at Starbucks and NSA frappe at Coffee Bean ranges from 100 calories to 200 calories but a frappuccino is still a frappuccino. I’m a great fan of coffee and I would like to remind you that it was really hard to break up with frappe.

However, if you really need a break and really crave for it. Here’s a link for your preference


Another reminder, there’s a relationship between estrogen level and soy. Avoid soy milk. It doesn’t do good with weight loss. I can’t go on the nitty-gritty part, I just watched an expert on YouTube talking about this. Just do your research too.

2. No Milk. Pure black as much as possible.

There are only few times that I go pure black. It really depends on my mood and on the coffee shop. I cheat! For the nth time, it’s recommended that for variation we can have coffee and tea instead of soda but make sure that your coffee is pure black and I CAN’T HAVE IT PURE BLACK! Let’s go to the next one, this isn’t helpful anymore.


Tall-sized Iced Americano (SFV)

3. Go for SFV(Sugar free vanilla), NSA (no sugar added) or 1/2 tsp of brown sugar. 

SFV and NSA really cut the calories on your drink. It could make a 300-calorie frappe into less than 180 calories.

Th difficulty on this one?

I have been to different coffee shops in our country and Starbucks offers the best option. Not only when it comes to caloric counting but they really provide the coffee, the way you want it. Coffee Bean also has NSA but it’s only for the frappe. They don’t offer SFV (based on the branches that I’ve been to). I usually asked other coffee shops but they usually say they don’t offer such. Even going low fat milk, they don’t. I guess, Krispy Kreme does have low fat milk for coffee but an original sugar glazed is 180 or 190 calories.

4. Go for the Smallest Size

Usually, I order, tall-sized Cafe Americano with SFV. The barista told me that it’s 2 pumps for tall, 3 for grande and 4 for venti. So GO FOR THE SMALLEST SIZE. By the way, 1 pump is 20 calories.

See, it doesn’t only save you for having more caffeine, it also saves you from paying more for a larger size.

To wrap it up, at least we can still have brewed, Americano or instant. A piece of advice, you really cannot get everything that you want. And I guess, living a healthier life means starting to choose the best alternatives and being disciplined with our food intake. It was difficult on my part at first, but I got used to it. 🙂 You can even go further than what I did. You might have your coffee –PURE BLACK.

D.I.Y.: Cafe Latte

My real plan was to have coffee outside but decided to open first a package. My instinct was right because I found these and spontaneously decided to make my own version of cafe latte! Yipee!


Ordinary Coffee

Neither tried nor heard Chase&Sanborn. It’s just ordinary coffee, that I’ve just tasted. However, with the combination of this newly discovered low fat milk with vanilla, my next cafe latte will go a loooonnngggg way!


Chase&Sanborn Coffee Pure and Best Low Fat Vanilla Milk Drink @Rustan’s Supermarket


One of my dreams is to own a coffee shop. It’s just a dream. No plans or goals for it. But I’m happy because right now, I realized that I can at least have a plan to experiment making coffee.

I just read a quote:

“a dream without a plan is just a wish”

Katherine Paterson, The Invisible Child

If bigger plans can’t be achieved, we can still plan and do something about the little things that we have everyday.

I think, that’s a good start into doing something great in the future. Yeah! I believe that big things come from doing small things.

Almost finished product



Sui Generis: Of its own kind; unique in its characteristics; not like anything else.

I just have to sip an iced cappuccino from Sui Generis. Its coldness brings a warm feeling to the heart. 🙂 It lessens anxiety and increases positivism.

A coffee a day might not keep a doctor away but it keeps you away from negativity. 🙂