Top 10 Things I Want to Do in The Next 3 Years

1. Be a beginner in learning a new language

I want to learn two languages, Korean and Japanese, because I want to work as a translator.

2. Advance English Skills

Get a diploma in English then a Master’s Degree. I already have a targeted school. I hope I’ll make it.

3. Travel Abroad

I want to go to Barcelona, Bali and Thailand.

4. Work Abroad

I hope to experience working as an ESL Teacher in Asian Countries.

5. Have a Lucrative Job in the Philippines

Becoming a translator will do a lot of trick but I don’t know if I would have the enthusiasm to learn a new language (and I think it takes years). Probably, I could study more and try to level up on the current field.

6. Write a book

Currently working on it and I’m out of words.

7. Save targeted amount of money each year

I hope the shopping malls will not hinder me from doing such. On a serious note, no emergency situations please.

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

I am glad that after losing almost 20kg, I become more familiar with healthy food. That it’s already second nature to choose what I eat.

9. Be familiar with a sports

I tried boxing and Muay Thai for fun. Anyway, it’s not about the fighting experience that I’m into but the cardio. Not yet sure if this would be the sports that I’ll be addicted to for 3 years.

10. Invest

Health is Wealth. Financially Dang!

Actually, most of the things written above are wishes. No goals set. But Yeah! I’ll try to start setting objectives though!

Just reminding myself that “A goal without plan is just a wish.”


Explored Food: Tsoko.Nut Batirol

I have been to Tsoko.Nut Batirol thrice this October. I did enjoy the place, didn’t I?



I dated a friend at 2 am. Luckily, Tsoko.Nut Batirol at WorldWide Corporate Center in Shaw was still open. I guess, for people like us who are trying to make time for their friends, restaurants or cafes that are still open past midnight are a great help.


Anyway, I just had a kapeng barako 80 php (strong brewed coffee/Pinoy’s version of Hot Americano) and my friend had a Mocha Latte Shake 115 hp and Leche Flan cake 69 php


I was craving for champorado (sticky rice with tablea and sugar plus milk. I remembered one of my friends said that Tsoko.Nut’s Champorado was good. So I went here.

Tada!!!! She’s right!

Iced Kapeng Barako is 80 php. Champorado is 75 php. Pandesal Corned Beef is 55 php.

BUT WHAT I REALLY LOVE ABOUT TSOKONUT is the very mabait waitress. I asked her if they offer Iced Americano and she said that they only have the Kapeng Barako but she can personalize it for me. She made it Iced Kapeng Barako. It really made me happy. Whoooppppsss, sorry! When it comes to coffee? I’m really choosy. Especially, nowadays that I can’t have all the sugary content of frappuccino.

I really need personalized coffee.

wpid-wp-1445772295522.jpegSecond kaartehan is, I want garlic bread for the champorado. The mabait waitress just offered pandesal stuffed with corned beef or adobo. I chose the first one.

Overall, I loved the combination of what I had. I love spending alone time outside and the place made me really happy. 🙂


Third time… 🙂

Met again some friends at 8:00 a.m. This time, they were the ones who want to have breakfast here. We had the food below. They shared to me all the sweets. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happiness.

Malunggay Pesto with Shrimp 120 php

Beef Tapa 125 php

Beef Tapa 125 php

Relyenong Bangus 125 php

Relyenong Bangus 125 php

The food that we ordered taste good. The ambiance was nice. Wanna visit again the place very soon. 🙂 🙂

All I can say is I enjoyed the food we had here.


Till next time. 🙂